Prepare Machine-Readable Text Data

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Why Should We Do Text Cleaning?

One of the first steps of working with text data is cleaning it! Although textual data is rich in useful content, most are highly disorganized, unstructured, and often contain noise.

Besides, data cleaning can also impact the explainability of explainable machine learning models such as LIME. …

Getting started with parallel programming and supercharge your Python programs

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I know there are already a large number of decent resources on the internet introducing Python multiprocessing. If you still haven't found a solution to your problem, or you just want to get the program running but get so confused by terms like threading, multi-threading, global interpreter lock (GIL), etc. Hope this article can be your last resort.

This guide will share and explain super simple but extremely useful multiprocessing code that you can directly supercharge your Python script immediately.

Let's get started with this question:

What is Multiprocessing?

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